The New Paradigm is Here!

The New Paradigm is here!  That means it is time to create Balanced Transformation ℠, therefore you can transition into Thrivable Transformation ℠.  Yes, that’s right I said Thrivable Transformation ℠!  Let me define the word Thrivable for you…Here are some dictionary definitions:

thrive: to prosper; be fortunate or successful

able: having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications

So what is the New Paradigm definition for Thrivable?

Having the ability to thrive.  Creating the tools and abilities to live a life in awareness.  Where reciprocity and alignment are always being created -where the evolution of your consciousness and the consciousness of those around you is being supported and nurtured -where environments are created that support humanity’s highest potential & space for the Divine to enter your life and the lives of your community, spontaneously arise.

Here is my gift for you today:

Where/how will you breakout of the current paradigm? Will you create a new word (like thrivable) or create something else? How could this process be benefited if you let the Divine be part of it?

With Inspiration,

-Gina Maria Mele, M.S., in Service to you

as a Way for The New Paradigm


Copyright © 2013 The New Paradigm.  All rights reserved.


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