Creating Calm & The New Paradigm


This morning I watched the mist settle in the valley. It slowly crept south, inhaling the breath of each tree it passed.  A flock of brilliant white egrets glided just over the top of the misty layer, wings dipping into moist air, water droplets clinging to their feathers.  I realized this moment is a reflection of the Balanced Transformation ℠ I had done on myself.  Simply, creating a life where I could sit and notice such calm.  Where I could give myself permission to take moments in the morning to simply be, is representative of Being in the New Paradigm.  Having created an environment for that consciousness to exist in my everyday experience, is validation of Thrivable Transformation ℠.

Can you create an opportunity to experience The New Paradigm consciousness today?

Offering Calm as a Gift for You Today,
-Gina Maria Mele, M.S.


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