Awareness is a lot like ice cream…


There’s an unlimited number of flavors of ice cream -and awareness is just like that -it comes in an unlimited number of flavors. 

How did your awareness come?

Was it like blue, bubble gum ice cream and came as a flash  -a single experience that transformed your life -an expansion of consciousness in a moment? 

Or was it more like Madagascar vanilla ice cream?  Where a deeper understanding of yourself, within the greater expanse of the cosmos, came as a subtle unfolding, gradual, gentle and calm?

Or perhaps your awareness looks like my ice cream cone.  Layer upon layer of different flavors. Like the guanábana flavor I tasted in Costa Rica when an illiterate man, who taught himself to read, spent hours with me quoting Socrates and discussing Grecian philosophy. Just like the initial tang of the guanábana mellows out into ample creaminess, I was stung by my own judgement that a poor man with no shoes, would also lack intelligence -only to be followed by this sweet insights and substantial mind. Or the chia spiced flavored ice-cream I experienced in Puducherry, India where  I befriended my rickshaw driver named Krishna Murhty.  His is soulful with a unique spark.  Just like the chia flavor that has a specific and pronounced quality that doesn’t dwindle or mellow with time I and Krishna have remained friends years later. Offering me the awareness that the Divine is woven into all our “chance” encounters.

So, what flavor ice cream is awareness for you?  

In Tasty Awareness,
-Gina Maria Mele, M.S.


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