Who’s Helping You Remember the New Paradigm

I’ve been in hiding I guess, for a long time now.  If I am honest, I’ve been laying low -gathering information, learning, absorbing life like a sponge… Listening, for over 22 years now.  I’ve no idea why is now the time to come out of hiding. I just have certainty that it is.

For me, certainty comes about when things have integrated; they culminate in a deep, internal knowing.  I am not saying this deep knowing is the truth.  As I believe, there are no single truths, only the truths that are real for you and me.  For the truths that are real for me, the statements, thoughts, ideas and concepts I believe are what make up my reality.  And these the statements, thoughts, ideas and concepts that you believe, might be different than mine, and create your reality.  So for me, right now, this deep knowing, this truth for me in this moment -that might change tomorrow -it might be replaced by an even deeper knowing or a more aligned truth.  But for right now, this deep knowing is what’s motivating me to share with you all that I’ve gathered over the last two-plus decades.  And if I really listen to that voice of integrity speaking from my heart, these insights started forming when I was just a few months old.

You see, for enlightened beings, that includes you also! -we start building tools for enlightenment at a very young age.  Just like you, very decision I’ve made, situation I’ve been in, meaning I’ve given to an event, has been the perfect one in that moment.  All of my life has been building to this moment, and the next and the next. For my soul’s only desire is to simply evolve.

Over the next span of time, I’ll share all that I’ve gathered over the years.  I expect it will take many different forms.  This process of sharing isn’t about me -it’s about letting a Power and Wisdom, far greater than I, direct my actions and speak through me.  I’m more along for the ride than in the driver’s seat.

When I look at who I am “Gina Maria Mele, M.S.”, I’ve seen two aspects:
1. the self -parts -personality -ego aspect of me
2. the Self -soul -light -consciousness -essence -godlike aspect of me

Over the years, as I’ve done much transformational work -shifting my internal world.  I’ve noticed aspects of my personality, distinctions of my consciousness, slip back into the light from which they came.

For what truly are our personalities -but characters in a play.  The character I am playing in this specific play, during this turn of the spiral -in this lifetime.

As these parts of me slipped back into light, I discovered I kept seeing myself as more light than personality.  I’ve realized at some point, the aspects of my personality that are still left (believe me there’s still a multitude) are wanting to naturally merge and integrate as one with my soul.  A beautiful waltz is beginning where my light embraces a part of my personality, and they begin to dance under the moonlight -and in their dancing and the movements of their courtship a newness is being born.

How can I describe to you who I am right now? Because by the time you read these pages, I will already have changed.  So, the best I can do with written words, with offering wisdom in 2 dimensional form, is to offer you single words and phrases that reflect where I’ve been.

As for who I am today and what I am evolving into…
It cannot be captured in 2 dimensional words, nor in 3 dimensional images, nor in 4 dimensional time.  If you can think of a way for me to share the 5 dimension and beyond, with you, in this current paradigm -please let me know.  I am listening and eager to understand more.

In the interim, I will listen more deeply to my Wisdom, for more effective ways of letting what’s flowing out of me, flow into you.  So you then will then have the knowledge, tools and understandings to do the same for another, for many others.  We have reached the time to accept that we are all the gods we’ve been praying to. The illusion of isolation and separation has lifted,

we are already home.

Here is a list, frozen in time, of the single words and phrases that reflect where I’ve been:
<Word cloud with the following words>
wise elder
dialoguing with trees
trusted source
quantum physics
past lives
compressing time
neural pathways
belief systems
shamanic healing
protein research
native american wisdom
generational patterns
neural placidity
dialoguing with the divine
scientific study
soul mate
energy weaving
story telling

Supporting humanity in a new way of being,
Gina Maria Mele, M.S.




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