So What is “The New Paradigm”?

You know, that’s a great question!  What is The New Paradigm?  Well, it’s really all about consciousness. Yup, I said consciousness.  You see, since cave man times we’ve (that’s us -homo sapiens) really been preoccupied with survival.  It’s not been till about the Industrial Age that many of us had the time and luxury to think about things other than food and shelter.  Well, that’s when, as a species more of us began ruminating on things like philosophy, spirituality and consciousness. But more on that later…

For now, let’s just look at where many of us are today in our own consciousness. (While you’re reading this, see if you can find out where you lie on this continuum.)


The current paradigm we are in, has a certain flavor of consciousness for many people on the planet.  For example, -does this sound like you? Aspects of your personality drives you -Am I making enough money at my job to cover the monthly nut? -house payments, car payments, babysitters -Am I happy enough at my job to slog through it another day? -Because I am a good person and want to provide for my family in better way than I had growing up.

Or maybe this sounds more like you…

I realize this current paradigm just isn’t hacking it, I desire something more. I might not know what it is, but I am looking!  I call this the Bridge. (Here’s an example of where to find leaders who represent Bridge Consciousness.)  It is the state of being when you know your everyday experience just isn’t working – you’ve done some internal work on yourself -meditation, self-awareness, Belief Work ℠ or balanced transformation -but you know there is still quite a ways to go to get to this new way of being that is slightly elusive.

And then there’s The New Paradigm consciousness.

Or maybe, this is your normal state of being…

Your work isn’t work.  It’s your purpose, and that’s not even it.  To say it more exactly  -you spend your time quite balanced  -friends, family, recreation and then, what others might call work you’d describe as “the act of being in bliss, serves all others, directly, simultaneously & completely -work is really living in JOY”.

This is the place -the way of being -that where all of us are naturally evolving towards.  Trust me, it’s not an endgame, simply the next stepping stone.  As I see it, the purpose of existing is the beautiful journey of simply, unfolding the inner petals of knowledge.  There is no end, simply experiencing -becoming aware of the next unfolding moment. So for many of us The New Paradigm is what we are evolving into, although it is only a single stone on our path.

Wether you call this new place of consciousness The New Paradigm, The Golden Age, the 5th dimension or the new era -it is where we are all heading.  It’s my joy to offer some guide posts along this path, some gems to pick up and enjoy as you move from whichever stone you are currently standing on, the current paradigm, the Bridge or The New Paradigm, as you progress in your consciousness’s natural evolution.

Offering my Joy as a Gift to You,

-Gina Maria Mele, M.S.

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